Advanced Engineering Exhibition is the first chance to see ASDEC’s world leading structural dynamics and vibration measurement and analysis system.

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ASDEC_logo-ds1The UK engineering sector will get its first major opportunity to assess a crucially important development in structural dynamics and vibration measurement at Advanced Engineering UK 2014 – at the NEC, 11-12 November 2014.

The event is the University of Leicester’s ASDEC facility’s first major exhibition since its launch during the summer. Visitors will be able to see how the fully robotised 3D Scanning Laser Doppler Vibrometer (Robovib) technology at the £2.5m centre gives distinct benefits of speed, accuracy and volume of measurements over traditional methods.

The ASDEC team will be at stand J9 and are expecting to be very busy as visitors take stock of the first Robovib facility in the UK, one of only three which are commercially available across the globe.

Tim Stubbs, General Manager at ASDEC says,

“ASDEC is offering next generation technology to illuminate issues of structural dynamics in objects across the engineering spectrum. As you might expect, our facility is generating excitement within the automotive, rail, aerospace and energy/power generation industries but the appeal is much wider and we are already doing work in bio-medical applications, precision/specialist engineering and composites/materials engineering. Our facilities not only can provide greater speed and accuracy than existing contact based technologies but can also test structural issues in products that traditional techniques cannot handle. The fact that the measurement system is non-contact removes all observer effects, such as the mass of accelerometers and cables in traditional methods, which can alter the structural characteristics of the test object.”

The ASDEC offering however goes much further than making available a new and sophisticated piece of equipment. The ASDEC team itself has more than 40 combined years of direct structural dynamics testing experience but even this is dwarfed by the expertise available through the academic experts at the University of Leicester.

Stubbs concludes,
“The Robovib equipment at ASDEC makes the facility of great importance for the UK engineering industry. Add to that the full modal analysis, engineering services and FEA/CAE model correlation expertise we offer and we can justifiably claim to have an offering which is unique in the world.”

To make an appointment to visit the stand contact Moira Cooper, ,02476 35 8780, and ASDEC will arrange a time to ensure that an expert in your area of interest is available and that you get priority over passing visitors.

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