Pharmaceutical Development Services

| June 18, 2010 | 0 Comments

The Brief

Pharmaceutical Development Services (PDS) is  rapidly growing consultancy offering expertise and training in numerous areas of the Pharmaceutical industry but with particular expertise in pharmaceutical development, regulatory affairs and quality systems.

As part of the company’s marketing strategy MD Michael Gamlen wished to build an online presence for PDS beyond their own website, in particular news about the company to be covered on industry websites in the UK and US.

The Strategy

PDS employed Integra Communications on a modest budget over a year to work with the company to develop newsworthy stories roughly every other month and to facilitate their distribution to pharmaceutical news portals.

The Results

Integra Communications developed newsworthy stories for PDS from such items as new office openings, the appointment of new associates and the offering of training services. Integra used its contacts across the pharmaceutical media to disseminate the material and achieved more than 50 items of useful coverage in a wide range of pharmaceutical media. The news stories also elicited a number of requests from editors for expert articles from PDS in their areas of expertise for pharmaceutical journals and websites.

Michael Gamlen says, “Integra has achieved exactly what we were looking for. The pervasiveness of the coverage has been demonstrated on many occasions, for example, a business that shares our base at BioCity Nottingham came to explore ways to work together at the request of their American arm which had seen coverage in the US.

Integra were very easy to work with, keeping us on our toes about identifying newsworthy items and writing them up in such a way that clearly caught the eye of their many contacts in international pharmaceuticals.”

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