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The EDT is the leading organisation working to inspire young people into courses and careers in science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM) through business/education links. Having worked in this area for over 25 years and having national reach, EDT is expert in encouraging students to focus on the opportunities that STEM courses and careers can offer.

The EDT works in partnership with schools, colleges, universities and businesses to allow students from the age of eleven through to graduate level to interact with people in businesses that rely on STEM skills, providing them with the insights and role models that will allow them to make informed subject choices throughout their academic career. Programmes can be as short as one day or as long as a year and currently engage around 30,000 students each year

Why PR?:

EDT was looking to raise its profile with a view to influencing education, industry/business  and policy makers. Evidence suggested that the EDT profile with target groups was lower than desired and looked to a programme of media work to help raise the organisation’s visibility. In 2009 Integra had worked successfully with the EDT’s East Midlands region and from 2010 to the present has been working with EDT at National level.

The Brief:

After having successfully handled the press work for EDT East Midlands, Integra Communications was appointed nationally to:

  1. Establish EDT in the minds of public and opinion formers as a premier supplier of Business/Education links programmes
  2. Establish Dr Gordon Mizner, chief executive of EDT, as a regular commentator in the field of Business/Education links and  inspiring STEM careers
  3. Build awareness of EDT programmes within companies, schools, colleges and universities
  4. Support EDT’s approach to developing bespoke education links packages for companies

The Campaign 2010 – present:

To achieve the outlined objectives Integra has taken a mixed approach of traditional press work around EDT events as well as PR to communicate comment by leading EDT people. Integra Communications also undertook to gain article coverage in target media to raise EDT’s profile and communicate EDT’s objectives and views.

The Results:

Well over 100 pieces of coverage were achieved in Integra’s first year of engagement including key contributions to the Telegraph, Times, Daily Mail, Daily Express, and Independent. At the same time comment and articles in notable industry publications such as Chemistry World, New Scientist and Electronic Engineer have been achieved.


“We are delighted with Integra’s approach to the work with EDT and the results are evident. Within a limited budget, we have a lot we would like to achieve and Integra work closely with us to deliver our communications strategy and raise the profile of EDT. Key to the success of our relationship is how Integra manage to maintain an in-depth understanding of our organisation and marketplace which makes it feel they are truly part of the organisational team.   It is an absolute pleasure to work with Andrew and Louise and we hope to continue to build on the outcomes achieved so far.”

Penny Tysoe, Marketing and Communications Manager, EDT



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